"Six Sigma Films is now providing new opportunities to Indie Filmmakers to make money for their Feature Films, Short Films & Documentaries from YouTube, OTT, IPTV, Mobile & other platforms." ... Click Here To Read More .

ATTENTION- Streaming OTT, Mobile & Other Platforms: If you are interested in any film on our YouTube channel or unreleased feature films, you need to contact us directly at coffishorts@gmail.com. Six Sigma Films is Top producer & distributor of short films, documentaries & Independent films. .
Six Sigma Films is a Production House based at Mumbai, India. Our Mission is to deliver effectual and captivating world class films with an underlined intention to lend a hand to Independent Filmmakers & New Talent. Six Sigma Films believes in collaborative approach and is well connected with reputed film makers, senior industry experts and with international and domestic production houses. Six Sigma Films provides budding film makers a platform to showcase their talent to the top professionals of entertainment and film industry. We have large Social media network. Six Sigma Films regularly receives mentions in leading publications for their work.

We are ranked amongst the Top aggregators & distributors of Short films, Documentaries, Videos, Independent Films online. We are the most sought after channel for those who want to make it big in Bollywood & TV Industry. We promote & distribute Short Films, Documentaries & Videos on a large scale. We have 700 plus short films, documentaries & videos, over 70 million views and counting.

Talented filmmakers who use our platform to showcase their short films, documentaries & videos will be given a priority to work with senior filmmakers in our various projects including the new initiative of producing original video content. Number of ADs/actors who have exhibited their short films on our channel are now moving up the ladder in the Industry. We invite all the budding & talented filmmakers to join hands with us and get noticed by the right people.

Unlike other channels, we are filmmaker friendly and understand the business of films. If you want to promote or distribute your Short Film, Documentaries or Video, mail links to your videos along with your contact numbers to - coffishorts@ gmail.com. We will revert back & your film will be up in no time. ... Read More

According to FilmmakersFans.Com: "Six Sigma Films is One of the largest short films distributors and aggregators of the country. You submit your short film to them, they pay you and if they like it, they will arrange for it to be broadcasted on any TV Channel that is willing to air it. They are not exclusive with NDTV, but their films have been aired on many other news channels. Their youtube channel is also a showcase of several short films".

We are Top organizer of Film Conferences/Awards & Festivals. We have conceptualized and organized first ever film finance conference & awards in India (COFFI). We have successfully organized more than 10 short film festivals. Six Sigma Films has worked closely with the major industry associations, corporates & premier educational institutes like IIT Kanpur, IIT BHU, Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar (XIMB), JIIT Noida and Zee Institute of Media Arts (ZIMA), Bhavans College, National College, Xavier Institutes of Communications Mumbai (XIC), etc. We have recently organized Golden Frames 2016, India's Biggest International Short Film Festival.

Six Sigma Films is producing 5-6 feature films spread out in the next 3 years phase. Strongly highlighting transparency & corporate ethics, we work with investors on models structured for best ROI. Our Investment vision is to manage risks, minimize budgets and maximize revenues. If you are a film investor and interested to work with us, please contact with your details at the sixsigmafilms@ gmail.com

We are open to collaboration with organisations that give our content a popular platform like an app, website or are looking for content. Six Sigma Films is also looking for content from talented audio visual content creators. Content may include Vlogs, dance, music, spoofs, gags, parodies, stand ups, short Films etc.

Six Sigma PR handle promotion of Films, Events, Brands/Products & Businesses. We are also into Social Media & Celebrity Management for Directors, Actors, Models, Performers, Child Artists & other eminent people across various industry sectors.

Female & Male models (18 to 25) including those of foreign origin required for fashion e-commerce photo shoots, films, TVCs in Mumbai. Requirements keep coming up for Actors & crew for the projects of Six sigma films & associates. So keep checking this page for updates. Send your folio & details to sixsigmacasting@gmail.com.

For official queries including for TVCs, films, corporate videos, marketing & advertising contact us at sixsigmafilms@gmail.com

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  • Official YouTube Channel- This YouTube Channel has 600+ short films, documentaries, videos from all the genres across the globe.

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  • Promotion & Distribution of Shorts- We are amongst the Top aggregators & distributors of Short films, videos, independent films online.We are the most sought after channel for those who want to make it big in Film Industry. Unlike other channels, we are filmmaker friendly and understand the business of films. If you want to promote or distribute your Short Film or Video, contact us at coffishorts@ gmail.com

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